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The Fun Art Of Henna Therapy!


The Fun Art Of Henna Therapy!

When: August 24th
Time: 7-9pm
Where: 420 East Church Street #111
Orlando FL 32801
Investment: $49

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Come join Us for this fun class and learn the exotic temporary body art of other cultures while you learn self love, relaxation, focus and women care and support through henna Art!

Henna is a great tattoo alternative that last a week up to three. With henna art, you can change a design depending on your mood and needs, you do not have to commit to a permanent tattoo when you got henna!

On this fun class you will learn a design from the beginning to end!

We will open a circle of henna with sage and incense to clear our space, minds and spirits and we will set an intention before we start the class.

  • Don’t worry, you do not need to be an artist to learn henna, but if you are an artist that is awesome! all you basically need is a desire to create some thing beautiful and meaningful to you!
  • We will meanly focus on how to draw with a henna cone that will be provided to you!
  • You will chose what design you want. There will be 2 designs choices.
  • We will first practice on paper, then ones we do that, you can practice on yourself or other students.
  • We will learn how to seal designs and care for your henna.
  • You will leave inspired and relax with a design you have created!

Ingredients in Henna Cones that we will be using:
The henna used for this class is an organic plan based powder from Rajasthan, it has lavender and tea tree essential oils with a lil bit of Frankincense essential oil, brown sugar and lemon juice.

Healthy snacks and 1 Kombucha drink will be served! We will close circle of henna!

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