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Patricia Stever is the Visual Artist of GreenLeaf Henna. She has been drawing since she was a little girl and has explored different Art medias. She creates art on people’s skin, and every person becomes her canvas!

Patricia has adopted henna as part of her art repertoire, respecting a traditional art from other parts of the world. She was born and raised in Tuxpan Nayarit Mexico, a town located on the pacific coast. She moved to Orlando 19 years ago and Orlando Florida has become her home.

Patricia is passionate about making this world a better place. She is very caring about others, and with her art and special gifts, she makes a difference in the lives of many people. She created a method with henna as an art therapy to coach those that seek for better life styles, purpose, comfort and balance. 

She has a background in arts, yoga, spiritual/life coaching, young yogi program, and a certify Health Coach ( Website coming soon for coaching services) please stay tune.

 There is so much spiritual needs, and we all deserve happy and prosper lives!

For coaching henna sessions and more info call:  407-721-2156


One of her favorite quotes by Osho: ” When you are enjoying something, you are centered. Enjoyment is just the sound of being centered”



Patricia Stever!




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