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GreenLeaf Henna offers natural temporary body art ( Mehendi ) mostly known as Henna, a plant based dye; and Jagua (Genipa Americana) a fruit based dye. With a different variety of world designs, We customize and make beautiful wearable body art! We have been bringing the community beautiful body art for more than 8 years. We love meeting new people every day.

Our designs are all free handed, we do not use any stencils to create designs. We also customize your own choice designs. If you choose to customize your own and it’s simple and small, we can do this any time at our mobil locations at fresh markets, If you have a more extense intricate design, we recommended for you to have it done on a private appointment.

We love doing all kinds of events, we love to bring quality, great service, professionalism and friendliness to every where we go.

Jagua stains your skin within 2-4 hours Then you rinse it off with water.

Jagua stains your skin within 2-4 hours
Then you rinse it off with water.

Jagua is great natural dye that gives the impression of a permanet tattoo. This is a great natural alternative and it looks gorgeous. The color of Jagua varies from deep to light tones of blue.




At GreenLeaf Henna We use high quality Organic Henna powder, and pure aromatherapy essential oils of lavender and tea tree, for a true relaxing experience an peace of mind!

Henna paste needs to be on skin for at least 8 hours, overnight henna on skin, brings the deepest color. Not water on design for at least 24 hrs. will assure a great stain!

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